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When it comes to your most critical payer marketing challenges, you’ve had the answers all along. You just need to know how to find them.

In today’s complex payer marketplace, the tired old methods of traditional payer marketing – like reliance on self-reported research and static read-outs of information – no longer work.  That’s why we’re transforming payer marketing for the 21st century, by harnessing existing data sets and advanced analytics to help you extract insights into payer behavior — the best predictor of future behavior.

It all begins with the data.

Insights and Analytics

To address payer-related challenges, we believe in following the evidence.  And we believe that you should extract full value from the data assets you already own.  Our data analytics and payer experts know how to tap your data resources to uncover critical, real-time insights into payer behavior. Our analytic capability is advanced and creative, fueled by knowing how to ask the right questions and find the corresponding answers, the ones you need most, to be successful.

Planning and Design

Discipline.  This is our watchword when it comes to developing strategies and designing solutions.  We methodically work the raw material of evidence-based insights through our proprietary methods, constructs and digital design tools, and mold them into vetted and valued positioning, strategy, planning, pull-through, and more.


Insight. Planning. Design. Action.  Without action – the right kind of action – the rest is of little consequence.  We partner with our clients to co-create an evidence-based journey from insight to execution.  Our tactical solutions and training are focused and aligned, designed to mobilize mindshifts that enable stronger performance at every level of the organization.

Monitoring and Control

Our value comes full circle once plans are activated and begin generating dynamic, in-market data. We measure, monitor, and ultimately translate market feedback into operational truths, turning every solution into a call for better solutions. Our tracking systems are designed to detect critical market signals and shifts, permitting early course corrections and reinforcements in line with goals and objectives.


Knowledge is power, and the right knowledge in the right hands at the right time, optimizes performance. At Payer Sciences we empower you and your colleagues through our suite of user-friendly, analytic tools — such as AMP™, PTO™, and VOLT™ — compatible and customizable smart-applications that put data-based insights to work for marketers, account managers, and field teams, in real time.